Thought we’d share this little ‘blast from the past’ video. Such fun memories. We especially love the segment beginning at the 2:48 time mark and throughout to the end . It’s so magical hearing Norda’s flute woven throughout this pared back version of the iconic song ‘Nights In White Satin’.













‘Home’ from her solo album. Video production credit: Christie Mullen



 ‘I Like it’. Video production credit: Ian Clayton


‘Believe In Me’ . Video production credit: Christie Mullen


‘Are You Sitting Comfortably’ Moody Blues Cruise January 2018



Paris Television  2012



Tom Toomey’s (The Zombies’ lead guitarist) solo show on board the NCL Pearl with Norda as Tom’s special guest that evening. 


  Click the link below to watch Norda perform with the Moody Blues on the Jimmy Fallon Show   

                                             Jimmy Fallon Show October 11, 2011




German television 2004                                                  



Norda’s Interview :  being asked to tour and perform with The Moody Blues